Laser Treatment EVLT

Laser treatment (EVLT)

VNUS catheterThe VNUS catheter uses radiofrequency energy to heat up the inside of the vein, EVLT uses laser energy to do it. The basic idea is the same as VNUS, with the laser fibre being passed up the vein from the knee to the groin under local anaesthetic, and the vein being heated up and shrivelling away.

The main difference is that the tip of the laser fibre is much hotter than the VNUS catheter and while this is effective at shrivelling up the vein it tends to burn little holes in it which can cause bruising and post operative pain.

Recent research suggests that while both methods are very effective at eradicating varicose veins, and are good techniques, laser treatment causes more post operative pain and bruising than VNUS. In my opinion while laser sounds marvellously high tech, VNUS is better for this reason.

Varicose veins laser treatment