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Shane MacSweeney is available for consultation with NHS and private patients in two locations:

NHS Patients

The Department of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery
University Hospital
Queens Medical Centre
University Boulevard

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Please note that you need to have a letter of referral from your General Practitioner to be seen as an NHS patient. Your GP can arrange an appointment directly via the choose and book system or by sending me a referral letter at the above address. Treatment for thread veins is regarded as a purely 'cosmetic' procedure and is not available on the NHS.

 Tel: 0115 924 9924 (Extension: 63300)
Fax: 0115 919 4439

Private Patients

The Park Hospital
Sherwood Lodge Drive
Burntstump Country Park

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For appointments contact my private secretary Carly Thornton

 Phone: 0115 896 7660
Fax: 0115 896 7661
or write c/o Carly Thornton PHF, Castle Cavendish Works, Dorking Road, Nottingham NG7 5PN

You can contact me directly via email, Or write to me c/o Carly Thornton PHF, Castle Cavendish Works, Dorking Road, Nottingham NG7 5PN to make an appointment. Again I would prefer you to get a referral letter from your GP, this is essential if you have health insurance and a good idea even if you do not. It is good practice to make sure your GP knows of any planned treatment and that he/she has the chance to let me know of any relevant medical conditions. For self-funded patients I am happy to provide estimates for the cost of treatment in advance.

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